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Create charts with random, tabular or JSON data inside Sketch, Figma or Adobe XD.

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The richest collection of chart types

18 of the most popular chart types out-of-the-box. Didn't find what you want? 
Just let me know and I will add it to the collection.

Line chart
Area chart
Pie chart
Donut chart
Stream graph
area chart
bar chart
bar chart
bar chart
bar chart

Personalize your charts with a template

Apply a custom color palette, change line thickness and bar width. Sync with product guidelines and use local or global settings to apply consistent style.

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Put data into your charts easily

With Chart you are able to visualize data from any source that you have.

Random data

If you do not have a real data set, you can create any type of chart with random data provided by Chart.

Create a simple chart
Labels Data Data
May 21,124 $1,450
Jun 10,020 $1,135
Jul 22,480 $2,297
Aug 17,560 $1,462

Tabular data

Google Sheets, Excel, Numbers and CSV files are supported. You can copy/paste, upload or link data.

How to use tabular data
    "data" : 123,
    "time" : "21 jul",
    "price" : "$175.2",
    "sales" : 12

JSON data

Connect live API via HTTPS link, that responds with valid JSON or just upload file from your computer.

How to use JSON

Updating charts only takes a second

Resize your charts to redraw them with better-than-smart logic with one click. Connecting Chart to Google Sheets or an API keeps your chart updated with real data.

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Experiment with chart types or styles via built in edit feature

Real data can influence the size and weight of your data visualization - use Chart’s built in edit feature to try different configurations.

How to edit chart

Speed up your data visualizations today

Install Chart and try two chart types. Pay just $10/year with 7 days free trial to unlock all charts and save hours of boring work.

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See who is already using Chart

“Using the Chart plugin connected to live data, and style templates has allowed us at Cisco to experiment and build our data visualization system in record time!”

Kevin Smith, Cisco

“Chart was the only tool I could find for Sketch that let me create data visualizations with my own data. The integration is what makes it awesome!”

Jason Barrie, SparkPost

“Chart has helped me to show real data in my prototypes in just a few clicks. Pavel's support is also amazing!”

Dries De Schepper, Deloitte Digital

“Chart has radically reduced the amount of time I've needed to spend creating various charts and graphs for prototypes. Being able to use real data to build them from is hugely helpful!”

Eric Guess, FM Systems

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